Mongolia to Issue Improved Banknotes Mongolia
The Central Bank of Mongolia announced the introduction of the improved notes of MNT 50 and MNT 20,000 into the circulation on February 10 through commercial banks. The notes introduced quite a few new security features against counterfeiting such as 3D security ribbons, color-changing ribbons, color-changing ink, micro-optic security thread, and tactile features for the more

Bank of Mongolia releases the commemorative coins today. Mongolia
This year marks the 95th anniversary of Mongolia’s banking and financial system development. In connection with this, the Bank of Mongolia has enriched its series of memorabilia for the anniversary of the “Bank of Mongolia for 95 years”. The silver coin has 1 and 5 ounces of 999 specimens, one highlighting the national currency since the more

Renewed MNT 5000 banknotes to be put into circulation Mongolia
MNT 5000, 10,000 and 20,000 banknotes are the most counterfeited currencies in Mongolia. The aim of the Bank of Mongolia is to upgrade the level one security features of these currencies. The first currency to be upgraded is MNT 5000 banknotes. The key security feature is that it is impossible to imitate the technology or more