Angola national bank to release new banknotes Angola
A new series of banknotes made of the polymer is due to enter into circulation in Angola from July 30, the governor of the National Bank of Angola (BNA) Jose Lima Massano said on Tuesday. The governor explained that the new banknotes, including 200 (0.35 U.S. dollars), 500, 1,000, 2,000 and 5,000 Kwanza, would enter more

Bank of Algeria: Issue of new banknotes and coins Algeria
The Bank of Algeria announced the issuance of new banknotes and coins, reports the Ennaharonline site. The Bank of Algeria explained that it is the 2000 dinar note and other coins. Indeed, the Ministry of Finance announced this Saturday, the launch of a new banknote on the national market, in addition to the notes currently more

Myanmar Independence Hero to Appear on All Banknotes Myanmar
Myanmar will introduce the image of independence hero General Aung San on banknotes of all denominations, according to the Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM). “Banknotes of all denominations in circulation will be printed with the image of the general,” CBM Vice-Governor U Soe Min told reporters in Naypyitaw on Monday. He also addressed questions about more

Bank of Sudan launches a 200-pound banknote (2nd edition) Sudan
The Central Bank of Sudan hereby announces to the public that it has offered a denomination of a currency class New from the category of two hundred pounds, the second edition, with the following specifications, colors, and insurance marks: Paper content: housing and population. Basic paper color is the color yellow watermark: Sakr Jedian number more