Central Bank of China to Destroy Notes from Coronavirus-hit Sectors China
The Central Bank of China of the Guangzhou branch will destroy all the banknotes collected from wet markets, hospitals, and buses to ensure the containment of the coronavirus outbreak. All the notes from the coronavirus infected areas will be destroyed. The Commercial banks in these areas are required to collect the notes, disinfect them, and more

Tunisia to Withdraw 50 Dinar Banknotes Tunisia
The Central Bank of Tunisia has announced that the 50 dinar notes will be withdrawn from circulation. The date for the withdrawal hasn’t been decided yet. The governor explained that for the total withdrawal of the notes, new banknotes have to be printed, which would take a year. The withdrawal is an isolated measure to more

The Cayman Islands Issues New Commemorative Banknotes. Cayman Islands
The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and Cayman Islands government have issued on January 28, 2020, new $1 commemorative banknotes to mark the 60th anniversary of the Island’s first written constitution.  The note is a modified version of the current ‘D’ series one-dollar note and also has the commemorative Cayman 60th logo to the left of more

Argentina’s new Banknotes to have Gender Parity Argentina
The President of the Central Bank of Argentina has signed an agreement to print new banknotes with national heroes as central figures. In addition to this, they have also agreed to have gender parity. The images of the heroes both men, and women, will replace the animal figures in the existing notes. The Chamber of more