The BCRA puts into circulation the new $ 50 bill with the image of the Andean Condor
As of August 16, it will be distributed progressively throughout the country. . The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) today put into circulation the new 50 peso bill with the image of the condor, an emblematic bird of the Andean mountain range and neighboring mountain ranges of our country. Starting tomorrow, August 16, it will be distributed progressively more

UAE issues fresh banknotes ahead of Eid UAE
The Central Bank of UAE has issued fresh currency notes of various denominations ahead of Eid Al Adha and the holiday season to meet the demand for new banknotes. In a statement , CBUAE confirms that it has provided all banks operating in UAE with new banknotes to meet their customers’ needs, in line with more

Tickets with denomination equal to and greater than Bs. 1,000 of the current cone will be co-branded with the Sovereign Bolívar Venezuela
As of August 20, with the entry into force of the monetary reconversion, the pieces of the current monetary cone with denomination equal to and greater than one thousand bolivars (Bs 1,000) will co-operate with the Sovereign Bolivar. This was stated on Tuesday, August 14, the president of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), Calixto Ortega more

Swiss National Bank releases new 200-franc note Switzerland
Fourth banknote in latest series showcases Switzerland’s scientific expertise The Swiss National Bank (SNB) will begin issuing the new 200-franc note on 22 August 2018. Following the 50, 20 and 10-franc notes, this is the fourth of six denominations in the new banknote series to be released. The current eighth-series banknotes will remain legal tender more