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Zimbabwe Unveils Features of New Banknotes

The Government of Zimbabwe has revealed the two and five dollar notes under the Statutory Instrument 231 of 2019. The design of the notes are as follows:

  • the obverse side of the two-dollar note and the five dollar-note will have the logos of the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe (the three balancing rocks),
  • with a tactile feature on the left 
  • the latent image that shows the denomination
  • optical variable ink that changes color from gold to green on shifting
  • the security thread with the inscription ‘RBZ’
  • the watermark with the highlighted inscription ‘RBZ’
  • the see-through Zimbabwe bird

The two-dollar note also has the impression of the parliament of Zimbabwe building and the external flame on the reverse of the banknote and will be green in color. The reverse of the five-dollar note has the image of three giraffes and palm trees and will be in purple color.

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