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Uzbekistan – Central Bank to issue 50, 100, 200 and 500-soum coins

Starting from July 2, the Central Bank of Uzbekistan will be issuing 50 (fifty), 100 (one hundred), 200 (two hundred), 500 (five hundred) soum coins into circulation, the Central Bank published the design of coins.

All coins are made of nickel-plated steel and are of white color. They are all round in shape and have smooth lateral side and differ in diameter. The reverse side of the coins will keep the coat-of-armss, there is a wording O’ZBEKISTON MARKAZIY BANKI (Central Bank of Uzbekistan) along the outer edge of the coat-of-arms, the year “2018” is depicted under the coat of arms. 72 convex spherical points are marked along the outer circle.

New coins along with all other notes and coins already in circulation must be accepted at face value for all kinds of payments by all entities and public without any restrictions.

Source: tashkenttimes


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