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Uruguay – The Central Bank presented a $ 50 bill made of polymer

The new ticket commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Institution and a game of 10 million units will be put into circulation starting tomorrow.

The president of the BCU, Mario Bergara, participated in the presentation; the director of the Bank, Washington Ribeiro; and the general secretary of the Bank, Elizabeth Oria.
The characteristics of this new banknote made of polymer substrate, make it more inclusive, safe and with a longer life.
Due precisely to its greater durability, Bergara stressed the intention of the BCU to continue “with this strategy of issuance in polymer substrate for low denomination banknotes”, which are in turn the ones with the highest circulation.
With regard to the texture and size of these copies, the president of the BCU said that “in the future the $ 20 bill will be even a little smaller than this new one of $ 50”, thus enabling a better differentiation by people with low vision.
Source: bcu.gub.uy
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