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UAE Central Bank unveils new banknote of 100 dirhams

New banknote to be introduced into circulation on Tuesday

The UAE Central Bank unveiled on Sunday the new Dh100 banknote that will enter into circulation this week.

The new currency bill has been reprinted with new security features, which can all be found on the front side.

In an ad posted on Gulf News, the authority said the new banknote will be introduced into circulation on Tuesday, October 30, 2018.

“This currency note will be put in circulation as legal tender, along with the Dh100 denomination currency notes currently in circulation,” the central bank stated.

What are the security features on the front side of the new notes?

1. On the left-hand bottom corner of the bill, there is a colour-changing security feature.

When the note is tilted, the colour shifts from green to blue and shows a bar of light moving from the top to bottom. The numeral 100 is also integrated in this particular feature.

2. Near the centre of the bill, the colour shifting security thread has been replaced with an advanced Galaxy three-dimensional security thread.

When the user tilts the bill, the colour changes from green to blue and a three-dimensional movement will be noticeable within the enhanced circular element.

3. On the upper right corner of the note, the original silver filigree foil has been replaced with the so-called “intaglio overprint.”

4. On the bottom right of the bill, the denomination value “100” has been removed.

Source: gulfnews

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