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The new Australian $10 note enters circulation today

THE new Australian $10 note enters general circulation today. It will be the first note to have the signature of current Reserve Bank of Australia governor Philip Lowe.

“The $10 banknote celebrates two famous Australian writers, Dame Mary Gilmore and AB ‘Banjo’ Paterson,” says Reserve Bank of Australia governor, Philip Lowe

Some security features which were brought in with the new $5 note last year have been added in a bid to make Australian cash harder to counterfeit, including a clear panel which spans from top to bottom which “contains multiple interactive elements.”

It also has a tactile feature which has been added to assist the vision impaired.

All existing notes can continue to be used while they are progressively withdrawn from circulation.

The currency consists of the same colours as the existing note and is the same size.

It also retains the images of AB ‘Banjo’ Paterson and Dame Mary Gilmore .
The Governor, Philip Lowe, said: “The launch of the new $10 banknote is a milestone in our program to deliver Australians banknotes at the cutting edge in terms of security against counterfeiting.
Late next year a fresh $50 banknote is expected to enter circulation, with the remaining currencies to following in subsequent years.

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