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The National Bank of Ukraine will release a new 100 hryvnia in memory of the events of a hundred years ago

The design of 1917-1921 will be transferred to modern bills

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) plans to issue a series of jubilee paper banknotes dedicated to the centenary of the Ukrainian revolution and the introduction of the Ukrainian monetary unit – the hryvnia. This was stated by the head of the department of monetary turnover of the NBU Viktor Zayvenko.

“We will issue new commemorative banknotes of UAH 100. This series will be dedicated to the centenary of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-21, and we have prepared a whole concept for a series of such memorable banknotes ,” Zayvenko said.

He specified that 100 years ago the first hryvnia was issued. “Here we will transfer these 100 hryvnia with a design of 100 years ago to a commemorative 100 hryvnias banknote, which will be a reminder of those times ,” Zayvenko stressed.

By the same principle will be issued memorable banknotes and other historical designs, which at the beginning of the XX century changed very often. So, for example, 100 karbovantsev design in 1918, too, will be reflected on one of the new commemorative bills. “For several years, then changed the design, and even the name of the monetary unit,” – said Zayvenko.

In addition, the NBU plans to release a series of commemorative coins dedicated to the events of the Ukrainian Revolution. In particular, such events as the creation of the state bank of Ukraine, the creation of the Ukrainian army and its first separate regiments will be reflected.

Recall, this is not the first memorable banknotes that are issued in Ukraine.

In 2011, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the creation of the National Bank of Ukraine, memorable banknotes with a nominal value of 50 hryvnas were put into circulation . On the front side of the design bills of 2004 a special paint, changing the color from golden to green depending on the angle of view, was printed with the inscription “NBU 20 years”. A thousand banknotes were printed in all; they are a legal tender in the territory of Ukraine and function in circulation along with banknotes of 50 hryvnias of the 2004 model of previous years of issue.

Also in 2016 the National Bank issued memorable 20-hryvnia notes for the 160th anniversary of the birth of Ivan Franko . Banknotes sold for 27 hryvnia. A bill can be paid in but when calculating its value is 20 hryvnia. The banknote is significantly different in design and color from constantly in circulation.

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