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The Central Bank of Yemen has announced that new banknotes of 100 riyals will arrive in early 2019.

A source responsible for the date of arrival of the first batch of the new category of 100 riyals, indicating that it will arrive early next month from Russia to Aden and will be traded in the markets.

The central bank in Aden has announced its intention to issue a new edition of the category of 100 riyals.

The source explained that the first batch of the new 100 riyals, which was recently printed in one of the Russian companies will arrive in Aden early next year 2019.

He pointed out that it will immediately start pumping and circulation of the market and withdraw the old edition of the market gradually and prevent circulation, 1000 and 500 and the new 200 SR.  He pointed out that the Central Bank has submitted a request to the competent department of the bank to provide a vision for issuing a coin for the category of 50 riyals.

Source: buyemen

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