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The Central Bank of Tunisia puts into circulation a new banknote of 20 dinars

The Central Bank of Tunisia will put into circulation, as of today, December 21, 2017, a new Tunisian banknote of twenty dinars (type 2017) having legal tender and discharging power.

Features of this 20 dinar ticket:

Dimensions : 153 mm x 76 mm.

Dominant color : red.


1) With intaglio printing :

Portrait of the martyr “FARHAT HACHED” (1914-1952);
Above, the text “Central Bank of Tunisia” in Arabic and below the value of the note in full in Arabic;
In the middle, to the left of the portrait, the number “20” appears in large format and at the bottom, the date of issue “25-7-2017”;
At the bottom, on the lower left and right edges, three horizontal lines for the visually impaired are easily recognizable by touch.

2) With Offset Printing :

Floral motifs and arabesque elements are stylized on the background of the note;
The number “20” is in the upper right corner.

3) Post-printing varnishing :

A coat of varnish protects both sides of the ticket against dirt and grease.

4 ) The serial and order numbers of the ticket consist of seven digits and are shown on the lower right and upper left.

5 ) Bottom right, the signatures of the Governor of the Bank and the Deputy Governor.


At the top, the following text in French: “Central Bank of Tunisia”;
On the right, a close and partial view of the amphitheater of El Jem, in the center a panoramic view of this monument and below, in the foreground, a Corinthian capital of the same monument;
Arabesque motifs are stylized on the background of the note;
Bottom left, the face value of the “TWENTY DINARS” note in French letters;
Top right, the text “20 Dinars” in Arabic and left, top number “20” and bottom, the number “20” with the text “TWENTY DINARS”.


1) On the front and in addition to the intaglio printing :

Watermark : to the right of the ticket, it represents the portrait of “Farhat Hached” and below right, the number “20” which appear clearly when looking at the ticket through the light;
“RAPID ® ” safety wire with windows : Three-dimensional wire, 4.5 mm wide, placed to the right of the portrait parallel to the width of the banknote, appears intermittently. Seen through the light, this thread is perceptible continuously. When tilting the bill from top to bottom, an optical effect occurs with the appearance of the number “20” and a dynamic movement of bars on a three-dimensional background;
“SparkLive” element : A circle located in the upper left corner containing the number “20” in its middle and whose color turns from gold to green according to the angle of view. This element has a swirling effect showing, depending on the angle of view, one or two rings moving about a central axis on a three-dimensional background.
Micro-letters : printing in micro-letters of the text “TWENTY DINARS” below the portrait and in various places on the four edges of the bill;
2) On the back

Sleeping iri descent : a reflective band, of gold color, placed in the right part of the banknote and containing, in the vertical direction, a series of the number “20”. This band is particularly visible at certain angles and according to the inclination of the note;
Micro-letters : printing in micro-letters of the following texts:
the inscription “TWENTY DINARS” on the right and left edges of the note;
the text “L’AMPHITHEATRE D’EL JEM” inscribed on the perimeter of the amphitheater located in the middle of the note; and
the inscription “CENTRAL BANK OF TUNISIA” on a diagonal line below the amphitheater on the right.


Small circles scattered on both sides of the bill, outside the watermark area, constituting a color anti-copying device; other elements appear on both sides of the ticket constituting an anti-scanner device;
A transvision element : The elements and colors of the arabesque pattern in the watermark area at the top of the front and back complement each other by looking at the note through the light.


Appearance on both sides of the bill, fluorescent fibers of red, blue, green and yellow colors;
Appearance on the front, top left, of a fluorescent geometric shape, green, containing the number “20” and above this number appears in green; at the bottom left, a fluorescent floral pattern appears in green containing the number “20” in red;
The serial number and order number of the ticket, located at the top left, is green fluorescent;
The twenty-dinar note (type 2017) will circulate concurrently with other banknotes and coins currently in circulation.

Source : tekiano

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