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The Central Bank of Bolivia launches the new Bs50 bill in to circulation

The Minister of Economy and Public Finance, Mario Guillen Suárez, put officially issued the new Bs50 ticket of the First Family of the Plurinational State, in a special ceremony held in the Auditorium of the Bank Central of Bolivia (BCB).

The activity was attended by the President of the Issuing Entity, Pablo Ramos Sánchez, representatives of the Executive and Legislative bodies, diplomatic corps, departmental and municipal authorities, social organizations, civil society institutions, special guests and media.

The new ticket, which is the same size (14 X 7 centimeters) and material (100% cotton), preserves the predominant violet color of the previous family, pays homage to three other historical figures with the images of Jose Manuel Baca, “Cañoto”; Bruno Racua; and Pablo Zárate Willka, all on the obverse.

Likewise, also on the obverse you can see the Fortress of Inkallajta and on the reverse the snowy Sajama, as heritage and natural site respectively. Finally, as a species of fauna, the Andean Flamingo and Flora Quinoa Real, both on the reverse.

The most important security measure and the main one to detect fakes is the image with color change and reverse movement that consists of an Andean Flamenco printed with special ink. Tilting it from top to bottom shows a radial movement effect that changes color from gold to green.

Among the security measures known to the population, although improved, is the watermark with three elements that are the image of José Manual Baca, “Cañoto”, a guitar and the numeral 50 in the lower part, visible in the backlight by the front and back. To this is added the security thread 4mm wide with the image of the same hero and the number 50 on the front.

As in the previous family, the vertical bar is kept on the upper part of the obverse and also includes three blocks of four short diagonal lines on the left and right edges of the front, printed in high relief, in order to facilitate the identification of the ticket by people with visual defects.

The other measures are the coinciding motif, with impressions on both sides of the bill, on the lower left side of the front and right of the back, which views backlight exactly complete the number 50 between the violet color. The latent image is on a violet box with spiral on the lower right side of the obverse, visible when tilting it.

It also has the impression in high relief that feels to the touch and find, in addition to the bar and the front lines described above, in the characters, texts and the number 50. Also added are the red, yellow green and blue fibrils spread on both sides of the entire bill.

With the presentation of the Bs50 cut the phase corresponding to this year concludes, since the cotes of Bs10, Bs20 and Bs50 are in circulation, subtracting only the emission of the Bs100 and Bs200 cuts, scheduled for January and April 2019.

source: bcb.gob.bo


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