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The Cayman Islands Issues New Commemorative Banknotes.

The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and Cayman Islands government have issued on January 28, 2020, new $1 commemorative banknotes to mark the 60th anniversary of the Island’s first written constitution. 

The note is a modified version of the current ‘D’ series one-dollar note and also has the commemorative Cayman 60th logo to the left of the coat of arms and the image of the HM Queen Elizabeth II.

The notes wish to honor the heroes who recognized the need and took the first step for the Cayman Island’s very own written constitution. It came into effect in 1959.

The commemorative banknote is the same color and design as the existing one-dollar but with four additions.

  1. The commemorative logo ‘Celebrate Cayman’ is located in the center of the face.
  2. The signatures of the Finance Minister Roy McTaggart and CIMA Managing Director Cindy Scotland are relocated to the right of the Queen’s image.
  3. The magnetic thread running from top to the bottom of the note is replaced with a new four-millimeter RAPID micro-optic purple security thread.
  4. The serial number incorporates the prefix ‘Q2’ is divided by a horizontal dash, which is used only for special occasions such as this. 

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