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The BCRA launched the new $ 100 bill

The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) today put into circulation the new bill of 100 pesos with the image of the taruca, an indigenous deer that constitutes an emblem of the Argentine Northwest. From tomorrow, December 19, this ticket will be distributed progressively through the entire network of bank branches and coexist with the others of the same value currently in circulation.

With the taruca, the new family of tickets Native animals of Argentina is completed . This is the sixth and last member of this series, after the condor ($ 50) , put into circulation this year; the hornero ($ 1000) and the guanaco ($ 20) , launched in 2017; and the southern right whale ($ 200) and the yaguareté ($ 500) , of legal tender since 2016. This new series implies an important renewal and improvement of the quality of the circulating money.

The new one hundred peso bill was officially launched today, at School No. 44 José Ignacio Gorriti in the town of León, in the province of Jujuy. The event was attended by the general manager of the BCRA, Nicolás Gadano, and the deputy general manager of payment methods, Julio Pando.

Like all the tickets of this new family, it has strict security measures. Among others, the watermark that reproduces the portrait of the taruca and, in the lower part, the denomination “100” and the security thread, a band incorporated to the paper that contains the legend “$ 100” followed by “BCRA” stand out. “, Repeatedly and alternately.

The new ticket presents a complementary front-back motif: a partial footprint of the animal, located to the left of the watermark, which is completed by transparency with the reverse side. In the intaglio print you can see a portrait of the taruca and the code for people with visual disabilities with a relief that is perceptible to the touch. Finally, the motifs printed in green present yellow luminescence in ultraviolet light.

The predominant color of the Taruca bill is violet. Its design follows the pattern of the new family of banknotes, with the obverse in vertical format, where the portrait of the taruca is reproduced, and a reverse, in horizontal format, with the artistic recreation of its characteristic habitat. In addition, as a reference dedicated to children, in the lower left-hand corner a taruca calf is represented.

New coins of $ 2 and $ 10

On the other hand, the BCRA ordered the issuance of the $ 2 and $ 10 coins , with the images of the drunkard and the caldén, respectively. These coins correspond to the new monetary cone of the Trees Weight Line of the Argentine Republic .

The $ 2 coin is golden in color, weighs 5 grams and has a diameter of 21.5 millimeters. For its part, the $ 10 coin is also golden, weighs 9 grams, has 24.5 mm and its edge is grooved.

Source: bcra.gov.ar

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