Zimbabwe will Release new Currency Next Month Zimbabwe
A member of the appointed monetary policy has revealed that the new currency will be released next month ie, in November. He commended President Mnangagwa’s decision to freeze accounts of companies suspected of fueling instability of exchange rates. Get the latest Banknotes news and updates with our free iOS and Android app. Download Now! more

Zimbabwe to Introduce New Zimbabwe Notes and Coins Zimbabwe
The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe plans to introduce the new notes and coins anytime this month. The Finance Minister had earlier reported that the currency would be introduced in December 2019. The new notes, reportedly printed in China, will have the denominations of 10, 25, 50, bond coins and 100, 200, and 500 bond notes. more

Zimbabwe will not Issue new Notes. Zimbabwe
The Finance Minister of Zimbabwe, Mr. Mthuli Ncube, has announced that the new currency notes will not be introduced but instead will have the replacement notes to balance the cash in circulation and electronic money. The new notes were intended to change the quasi currency. Zimbabwe had recently announced the new notes under the Zim more

Zimbabwe Finance Minister: Cash Notes in Circulation Soon Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe will issue new cash notes and coins to replace the quasi currency introduced three years. It was a failed attempt to counter a crippling shortage of cash, which increased inflation to the highest rate ever.  The new Zimbabwe dollar, exchangeable outside the country’s border, will be backed by an undisclosed amount of foreign exchange more

Zimbabwe Printing New Notes Zimbabwe
President Emmerson Mnangagwa has announced that the new notes and coins would soon be made public. The notes would complete the new series that was introduced to ban the multi-currency system. Despite the ban of the multi-currency system, Zimbabwe doesn’t have a currency of its own. The local currency is in pretty bad shape after more