Uzbekistan: Central Bank released new 100,000-som banknote Uzbekistan
On 25th February, new 100,000-som notes were released and brought into circulation by the Central Bank of Uzbekistan, which is equal in exchange to the U.S $ 11.90. It is dedicated to the great Uzbek scientist Mirzo Ulugbek and his achievements in astronomy. The banknotes are printed on a paper-based substrate and have a light more

Uzbekistan approves new 100,000 soum banknote. Uzbekistan
The central bank of Uzbekistan approved the specimen and design of a 100,000 soums banknote on January 15. For more convenient cash payments this note is introduced also to reduce costs related to calculation, storage and transportation to cash, to optimize the National banknotes, to improve ATM operations. The money supply will not be affected more

New banknotes to appear in Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
It was instructed by The President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to issue new 100,000 bank note. It is decided to be released on the eve of Nauryz holiday, which is celebrated in the 21st of Nauryz in Uzbekistan. As reported by one of the officials, the first series of banknotes has already been published and more