Scotland Reveals Two New £20 Note Designs Scotland
Bank of Scotland has unveiled the new design of the polymer £20 note on November 7, 2019, which is to enter circulation by 2020. The portrait of the Scottish novelist and poet, Sir Walter Scott, alongside the image of The Mound in Edinburgh will continue to appear on the obverse of the note along with more

Scottish notes being withdrawn from circulation Scotland
Some paper bank notes in Scotland will be withdrawn from circulation in fewer than four weeks. Scots are being urged to spend or exchange their £5 and £10 notes before the deadline on Thursday March 1. New polymer versions were first introduced in 2015 as part of efforts to combat counterfeiting. A spokesman for the more

New polymer £10 note enters circulation in Scotland Scotland
The new note features an image of Robert Burns on the front and a landscape of Edinburgh’s Old and New Towns on the reverse. Clydesdale Bank has released the first Scottish £10 polymer note into circulation. A £5 polymer note was issued last year and the £10 is described as the latest implementation of the more