Launch of the new 50-krone and 500-krone banknotes Norway
Speech by Governor Øystein Olsen at RS Noatun, Horten, 18 October 2018 Good morning. It is a great pleasure to be here in Horten and Noatun to mark this important occasion for Norges Bank. On 30 May 2017, we went to Lofoten to launch the new 100-krone and 200-krone banknotes – the first two denominations more

Norway –  Old Banknotes no longer legal tender Norway
It is now a year since the new 100-krone and 200-krone banknotes were put into circulation. The old series of 100-krone and 200-krone notes will no`longer be legal tender after 30 May 2018. While many banks and retailers will continue to accept old 100-krone and 200-krone banknotes, only Norges Bank will be obliged to accept more

Norway – Some bank notes expiring in May Norway
Norway’s central bank (Norges Bank) has started warning the public that some of its currency notes that were replaced last year are about to be taken out of circulation. They won’t be valid or accepted as legal tender after May 30. The expiration date applies to the old 100- and 200-kroner bank notes that were more