Northern Ireland: New £20 polymer “Living in Nature” series banknote features county of Derry and Halloween celebrations
The Ulster Bank, a subsidiary of National Westminster Bank Plc., has issued (14th October) the latest £20 denomination which is part of their new “Living in Nature” family of banknotes which sees this denomination now printed on polymer. With the introduction of the new series, all three Ulster Bank denominations underwent a change in design which more

Ulster Bank issues a new £20 polymer banknote. Northern Ireland
Ulster Bank completes the polymer transition of the £20 in Northern Ireland with the issue of their new note was on the 14th of October. Ulster Bank’s new £20 enters circulation, completing the transition of the £20 in Northern Ireland following Danske Bank and Bank of Ireland’s polymer £20 issues earlier in the year. This more

Danske Bank to introduce polymer £20 note Northern Ireland
DANSKE Bank is to introduce a polymer £20 note into circulation this month.Consumers can still use the existing paper £20 note, but these will be gradually phased out.The introduction of the new £20 polymer note on July 20, is a natural follow on from the £10 polymer note Danske Bank launched in February 2019. It more

Northern Ireland Withdraws £5 and £10 paper notes Northern Ireland
Bank of Ireland, Danske Bank, and Ulster Bank had begun circulating polymer notes from February onwards. Retailers can refuse paper notes from Monday onwards. The banks will continue to accept NI notes as an exchange for new notes or deposits. The post office will also continue to accept paper notes from their customers and the more