20-peso current coin (C1 Type) Mexico
Banco de México has released to circulation on 22 April 2020 a new coin of 20 pesos. Type: C1Diameter: 30 mmShape: Dodecagon (12-sided)Weight: 12.67 gramsEdge: Interrupted milled Obverse: In the center field, the national shield with the inscription “ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS” (UNITED MEXICAN STATES) along the top of the coin. Reverse: Shows an image of more

New Mexican 50 peso-banknote for 2022 Mexico
The Bank of Mexico has released an image of the new 50 peso bill with pictures of Mexican native species, axolotl and a cornflower. This note will also celebrate the founding of Tenochtitlan along with the image of the landscape of Xochimilco. The axolotl is an endemic amphibian of the Valley of Mexico. It survives more

New 200 Peso Notes Issued by Mexico Mexico
The Governor of Banco de Mexico has announced the release of the new 200 peso banknote, the second denomination in the new series of the Mexican banknotes. The new notes are made with anti-soiling cotton paper by Crane currency. The key security features included are: Rapid security thread is in blue with a sliding band more

New 200-peso Note Without Sister Juana in September Mexico
The Bank of Mexico (Banxico) has notified that the new 200-peso bills will feature the Mexican independence icons Miguel Hidalgo and Jose Maria Morelos. The reverse side of the bill will have an image of the El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve, a protected ecological region in the Sonoran Desert. The old more