Macedonia will modify their banknotes with the new country name-Republic of North Macedonia Macedonia
‘Welcome to North Macedonia’: New Road Signs Go up on Border With Greece   At the Bogorodica border crossing with Greece, Macedonian workers on Wednesday placed stencils on road signs bearing their country’s official new name, the Republic of North Macedonia, making a first step in implementing a landmark deal with Athens. Greece and Macedonia more

Macedonia introduces new polymer banknotes Macedonia
The National Bank of Macedonia unveiled (24th April) the two denominations which will be issued as polymer banknotes starting today. The national bank has announced that the 10-denar (U.S. $0.20) and 50-denar (U.S. $0.99) values, which are the two smallest banknote values, will be printed on the plastic substrate — and with this change — new and more

Macedonia introduces 1st polymer banknotes Macedonia
The Macedonian National Bank (MNB) presented the first polymer banknotes in 10-denar and 50-denar denominations on Monday, which will go into circulation on May 15. According to the bank, apart from the difference in material used from the paper banknotes, is the fact that the new banknotes contain security threats, micro text visible only with more