Bank of Latvia issues € 2 commemorative coin. Latvia
The Bank of Latvia has decided to issue a € 2 commemorative coin “The Rising Sun” which is dedicated to the history of Latvian National Coat of Arms, in the autumn of 2019. Artist Ansis Cirlis created the design of the sun in 1915, which was reproduced in the roles of the Latvian Riflemen Battalion more

Latvijas Banka puts into circulation a 2 euro commemorative coin dedicated to Zemgale Latvia
On Wednesday, 26 September, Latvijas Banka is issuing a 2 euro commemorative coin dedicated to the Zemgale region of Latvia. This coin concludes the series of 2 euro commemorative coins dedicated to Latvia’s cultural and historical regions. The 2 euro commemorative coin depicting the coat of arms of Vidzeme was issued in 2016, and the coins featuring the coats of arms more