Hungary – Upgraded 1000-forint banknotes will be used for payment from today Hungary
We may see the upgraded 1000-forint banknote denominations in cash payments from 1 March 2018. In addition to their renewed appearance, the banknotes have been brought up-to-date with regards their security features. The upgraded 1000-forint banknote denominations will enter cash circulation gradually from 1 March 2018, their presence is expected to be widespread a few more

Hungary upgrading the 1000 forint banknote Hungary
The Magyar Nemzeti Bank will continue its programme of upgrading Hungarian forint banknotes put in place in 2014. As part of the programme, the Bank will issue into circulation an upgraded 1000 forint note with new design elements and incorporating new security features. Following past practice, the issue will take place in two steps. First, more