LE10 plastic note not to replace old one: Egypt’s central bank Egypt
Egypt will issue its LE10 plastic note as soon as the New Administrative Capital’s printing facilities start working, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, Gamal Negm said. This came during a meeting of the House of Representatives Economic Affairs Committee, to discuss the observations of the Legislative Department of the Council of State on a draft more

Egypt to Issue Environmentally Friendly Banknotes Egypt
The Central Bank of Egypt is gearing to start the production of environmentally friendly banknotes once they relocate to their new headquarters in Egypt’s new administrative capital. They will launch a cash printing facility with the latest machines. The Central Bank will begin by printing a polymer note LE 10 note. Polymer banknotes are considered more

Egypt denies rumours on issuing 500-pound banknote. Egypt
The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) has pointed out yesterday that they have no intention to issue a new 2500-Egyptian pound bank note. Another fake news was about issuing 500-pound bank notes, which became viral on social media networks, and was a groundless report. According to CBE’s statement, complex economic procedures and strict international security more

Egypt’s Ministry of Finance to issue coins of EGP 1 and 50 piasters. Egypt
To document the major national projects recently established in the country Egypt’s Ministry of Finance intends to issue coins of EGP1 and 50 piasters. They will be available at their nominal value. To increase the public awareness of National achievements in various fields, certain projects were included like Renewable energy, irrigation, agriculture, roads and Urban more