National Bank of Belarus to Launch new Banknotes in 2020 Belarus
The National Bank of Belarus has confirmed its plans to issue the renewed Br20 and Br50 banknotes in 2020. The changes in the security features included the watermark, security thread, the hidden image, and individual machine-readable security elements. Two-sided varnishing and contour reinforcement increase the durability and life of the banknote. Get the latest Banknotes more

National Bank puts into circulation commemorative coins of the series “Architectural Heritage of Belarus” Belarus
From December 28, 2018, National Bank of Belarus has decided to release commemorative coins of the series “Architectural heritage of Belarus”, “Mir Castle”, “Lock the Radziwill family Nesvizh”. “ Palace of Rumyantsev-Paskevich Gomel”,  “Kamanets Tower”, “Nikolskaya Mogilev Church”, “St. Sophia Cathedral of Polotsk”- these are the legal tender of the Republic of Belarus. The coin more