Albania to Release its First Polymer Notes Albania
For the first time in 20 years, the Bank of Albania has revealed new banknotes that are made of polymer. It will be printed by De La Rue and the 200 Lek will be the first-ever Albanian banknote to be produced on extra secure Safeguard substrate for durability. The six denominations are 200 Lek, 500 more

Albania Releases New Banknote Series Albania
The Bank of Albania introduced the new series of Albania banknotes on September 12, 2019. The current series of Lek banknotes was released 20 years ago which makes the new series even more special. The design of the new series is refreshing and modern. The high-quality banknotes are made durable with the state-of-the-art technology with more

Albanian Bank Approves Printing of ALL 10,000 Banknote Albania
On Friday, the supervisory council of the bank of Albania decided to allow the printing of Albanian banknotes, with a cutting rate of ALL 10,000 ( due to security problems). The new banknote with the highest value will serve as a remit in 2020. The image of the well-known poet Asdren, along with figurative symbols more

Albania’s central bank to issue new banknote Albania
The central Bank of Albania Thursday informed it had decided to issue a new banknote at a denomination of 10,000 leks (88 U.S. dollars). “The Supervisory Council of the Bank decided on Wednesday to approve the model of the new banknote to be issued in early 2018,” Bank of Albania said in a press statement. more