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Swiss National Bank Releases 100-franc in Ninth Note Series

The Swiss National Bank issued its new 100-franc on September 12 into circulation. This completes the bank’s ninth banknote series. The first denomination in the series, 50-franc note, was released on April 13, 2016. The rest of the denominations 10-, 20-, 200-, and 1000- came into circulation in a six or twelve-month interval. The Swiss bank was able to develop the series in 15 years.

The ninth series has the same denominations and color as the eight series, but are smaller in size. The inspiration for the new series is “the many facets of Switzerland.” This is graphically presented on the note using various elements. 

The 100-franc note is represented by the key motif of water and focuses on Switzerland’s humanitarian tradition. A hand and a globe are core design elements with the hand scooping up water and the globe is covered with isobars. The security strip features a network of waterways and a list of the longest rivers in Switzerland.

The reverse of the note shows an irrigation channel feeding glacial melt-water down a cliff to the fields below. 

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