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South Georgia issues commemorative coins.

South Georgia issues commemorative coins on Queen Victoria’s bicentenary anniversary death.

To celebrate the bicentenary anniversary of Queen Victoria, the Government and treasury of South Georgia and South Sandwich islands have issued new crown coins and gold £4 pieces on Thursday, 21st March. She was born at Kensington Palace on 24th May 1819, as the only daughter of Edward Augustus. She was formally addressed as “Her Royal Highness Princess Victoria of Kent”, while she was christened “Alexandrina Victoria”. After the death of her grandfather (January 1820), she was elevated to the 3rd place after her uncles, the Duke of York and Duke of Clarence. At the age of eighteen, the princess was notified of the death of her beloved uncle King William 4 and she became the queen.

The British empire expanded at its fastest and started ruling nearly a quarter of the population of the world, during her reign. James Cook first landed on South Georgia (1775) and claimed the island for Great-Britain. The royal letters patent was issued by the sovereign (Queen Victoria), the claim was later standardized in 1843. On behalf of the treasury of the South Georgia and South Sandwich islands, the gold, silver and cupro-nickel coins were produced at the pobjoy mints (Surrey and England). Both the coin consists of images from the great seals of Queen Victoria. The first coin presents the Queen seated on the throne with symbolic figures of justice and religion seated on either side, which is the opposite of the great seal of Queen Victoria.

The coin shows the royal arms and crown wreathed in oaks and roses. The main side of the seal with Queen Victoria riding on horseback is featured on the second coin. She is crowned and holding a scepter along with the image of the person holding the horse’s rein. The main face of both the coin contains an effigy of queen victoria’s great-great-granddaughter (Queen Elizabeth 2) which is exclusively created for the use of pobjoy mint.

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