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Solomon Islands: New $10 note out today

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands announces the introduction of the new $10 note, the fourth banknote in the new family of banknotes, which also starts circulating today.

“The new $10 banknote incorporates state of the art security features and stunning visual representations of the islands’ rich cultural heritage,” a statement from CBSI said.

“The most obvious feature is the bright colour changing security thread,” the statement added.

“This thread appears in the intervals on the surface of the front of the note and changes from red to green as the note is tilted.

“The letters CBSI and numeral 10 along with crocodile and shark images can be seen in the thread when the note is held against the light.

“Incorporated also in the new banknote are other advanced anti-counterfeit features to facilitate authentication by banknote sorting machines, vending machines and the public, including visually impaired persons,” the statement said.

“It is important that we include these features that the public are able to identify easily and differentiate from counterfeits,” said Daniel Haridi, Chief Manager of Currency Banking Operations Department.

“The $10 is one of the most widely used banknotes in the country today. It is popular amongst market vendors who sell their goods in low value transactions.

“At present there are about $17.8m worth of $10 banknotes are in circulation among the public,” he added.

The old $10 series will remain legal tender and continue to co-circulate with the new notes until CBSI withdraws them from circulation.

Meanwhile, the CBSI urges the public to take good care of their banknotes and return poor quality notes via the commercial banks to return to CBSI.

Source : solomonstarnews

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