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Reserve Bank of Australia to introduce new $20 banknote on October 2019.

By October 2019, the new $20 banknote will be brought into circulation by the Reserve bank. The new note portrays Mary Reibey and Reverend John Flynn. On the new $20 banknote an image of a port, Jackson schooner in Sydney Cove, in the early 1800s is presented which is similar to the type owned by Mary Reibey, which illustrates her story. Beside this is a traditional canoe (Eora nowie). An RFDS De Havilland aircraft leaving a remote broken hill homestead in 1948 tells the story of John Flynn, also a pedal-powered transceiver used by the service to improve the communication in remote areas.

The security features from $5, $10, $50 banknotes have been added to the new  $20 banknotes to keep it secure from counterfeiting. Certain effectual elements like a flying kookaburra that moves its wings and changes color and a number “20” which reverses,

along with a rolling color effect and also microprint containing excerpts from Flynn’s book The bushman’s companion and the names of reibey’s ships. The new  $20 banknotes include representations of wattle and a native bird. It also features Acacia Buxifolia and a Laughing Kookaburra.

In order to help prepare ATMs and other bank note authenticating machines to handle the new note, the reserve bank continues to work closely with banknote equipment manufacturers and retailers. In order to update their equipment test notes were distributed. The tactile feature of the banknote helps the blind people or those who cannot differentiate between the different denominations of bank notes. The previously issued  $20 notes can be used as they remain legal tender.

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