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Renewed MNT 5000 banknotes to be put into circulation

Bank of Mongolia (BoM) aims to upgrade level one security features of MNT 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000 banknotes as these are the most counterfeited currencies in Mongolia.

In this regard, the BoM decided to upgrade the MNT 5,000 banknotes in the first place. Based on the international research, new security features have been introduced and incorporated in the renewed banknotes. The key feature of such security is that it is virtually impossible to imitate the technology or it will be costly to counterfeit.

The renewed MNT 5,000 banknotes will have 3D rainbow effect security feature on the Soyombo emblem on the front of the banknote. Thus, it will be easier to identify genuine and fake notes with unaided eyes.

BoM in collaboration with the commercial banks have done preliminary works on putting renewed banknotes into circulation. It is planned to put it into circulation in the first quarter of 2019 in accordance with the relevant decree of the BoM President.

The previously printed MNT 5,000 banknotes will be used in transactions along with the renewed banknotes.

source: montsame.mn/en

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