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RBI- New Rs 20 coin will come into circulation

For the first time in the country, the new series of coins including that of Rs 20 will come into circulation, starting on April 30. By April 30th the new series of Rs 2 and Rs 5 coins will be launched first, followed by Re 1 coins on May 15 and coins of Rs 10 and Rs 20 by May 31st. Till the stock of raw materials last, the old coins will be minted and continue to be in circulation until they are worn out. The coins will be circulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) under the provisions of the RBI act.

The new series coins of denominations Re 1, Rs 2, Rs 5 and Rs 10 will be circular in design and written in Hindi script, while the new Rs 20 coin has a dodecagon shape with the design of grain itched on it. It weighs 8.54 grams with the outer ring made of nickel silver and the centrepiece of nickel brass. The main face of all coins bears the ‘Lion capital of Ashoka pillar’ with ‘Satyameva Jayate’ inscribed below. Towards the left of the coin, the word ‘Bharat’ is written in Hindi and towards the right, the word ‘India’ is written in English.

The denominational value ‘20’ is written in International numerals along with the rupee symbol on the reverse side of the Rs 20 coin. The year of minting is also shown in International numerals at the centre of the left periphery of the coin. The new Rs 10 coin with an outside diameter of 27 mm,weighs 7.74 gm, while the Rs 5 coin with a diameter of 25mm, weighs 6.74 gm. With a diameter of 20 mm and 23 mm, the one rupee and two rupee coins weigh 3.09 gm and 4.07 gm respectively.

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