Central Bank will put into circulation new notes of ¢ 20 thousand, ¢ 5 thousand and ¢ 2 thousand of recyclable material Costa Rica
In the coming weeks, the Central Bank of Costa Rica (BCCR) will put into circulation new banknotes of ¢ 20 thousand, ¢ 5 thousand and ¢ 2 thousand, printed on polymer substrate, a material similar to plastic but which is recyclable. Although the new banknotes will maintain the color, the characters and the size, they more

LE10 plastic note not to replace old one: Egypt’s central bank Egypt
Egypt will issue its LE10 plastic note as soon as the New Administrative Capital’s printing facilities start working, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, Gamal Negm said. This came during a meeting of the House of Representatives Economic Affairs Committee, to discuss the observations of the Legislative Department of the Council of State on a draft more

Myanmar – New 500 kyat banknote Myanmar
The Central Bank of Myanmar has announced  500-kyat banknotes will be circulated from the banks to public on 21 July. The obverse side of the banknote depicts National Leader Bogyoke Aung San as the main portrait, and its reverse is printed with the building of Central Bank of Myanmar. The size of the new banknote more