CBOS has published the specifications of its new banknotes. Sudan
Central Bank of Sudan introduced a new category of two hundred and one hundred pounds currency. The new 200 LE paper carries the following insurance specifications and marks: 1.Paper content: Tourism.2.The primary sheet color is green3.Watermark: CBOS and number 2004.The façade includes landscape imagery (waterfall of Mount Marra) and birds5.Figure 200 at the top left more

Somalia seeks experts to replace old currency. Somalia
The Somali government seeks the service of Kenyan based currency expert seconded by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to issue a new currency to replace the current old one. The new currency is to set to help the central bank of Somalia to buil up reserve buffer in its currency as it looks to set more

Russian Central Bank issued new five-ruble commemorative coins. Russia
Russia’s central bank has issued a new coin featuring the Crimea, or Kerch Strait, Bridge to commemorate Crimea’s “reunification with Russia,” according to the bank. Two million new five ruble coins were pressed which show an outline of the peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014. The topic of Crimea was chosen by popular demand online. more

CBOS planning to withdraw old SDG 50 notes. Sudan
The new director of the Central Bank of Sudan (CBoS), Hussein Jungul , said a decision would be expected to withdraw the old category of SDG 50 notes from circulation during the coming period. The old notes were used for many years until a new design was introduced in June 2018. Dr Hasan Bashir who more