Mauritania will issue new banknotes to avoid counterfeiting Mauritania
The Government of Mauritania will combat monetary falsification with the issuance of new notes of its currency, the uguiya, which will have a value ten times greater than that of the old ones, announced today the country’s president, Mohamed Uld Abdelaziz. In a speech to mark the 57th anniversary of Mauritanian independence, Abdelaziz said that more

Solomon Islands: New $10 note out today Solomon Islands
The Central Bank of Solomon Islands announces the introduction of the new $10 note, the fourth banknote in the new family of banknotes, which also starts circulating today. “The new $10 banknote incorporates state of the art security features and stunning visual representations of the islands’ rich cultural heritage,” a statement from CBSI said. “The more

Sketches for new Armenian hybrid banknotes Armenia 
By the decision of the Central Bank of Armenia (CBA), new hybrid paper currency will be introduced Armenia. And now, the CBA has unveiled the sketches of the new banknotes that will be put into circulation in 2018. The new banknotes will feature poet Paruyr Sevak, chess grandmaster Tigran Petrosian, writer and dramatist William Saroyan, composer Komitas, seascape artist more