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New 10 Lilangeni Banknote by Central Bank of Swaziland

Central Bank of Swaziland has introduced its new notes for 10 lilangeni. The new notes will be green in colour.  The previous notes in blue colour was creating big time confusion with South Africa’s blue 100-rand note, as both notes were in circulation in Swaziland.

The new notes will however have a band “VISION 2020” printed vertically on both sides of note, unlike the previous version. The idea is to promote Swaziland to be a first world nation by 2020.

The Central Bank also has a plan to redesign higher denomination notes like 200 and 100.  The 200 lilangeni notes which are also green in are being redesigned to avoid confusion with new 10 notes, but the reason for redesigning the 100 denomination notes are not revealed yet.


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