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National Bank of Ukraine Introduces new UAH 200 bill

The National Bank of Ukraine has introduced the 200-hryvnia bill that was redesigned into circulation. The new bills are expected to replace the old ones gradually. 

The upgrade is part of the optimization of the hryvnia banknotes and coins that began in 2014 and will be completed by mid-2020 when the 10-hryvnia coin is released into circulation. The updated currency has more security features making it more secure and counterfeit-proof. The redesign changes will also reduce the denominations of 12 – 6 coin denominations (10, and 50 kopiikas and 1,2,5, and 10 hryvnias) and 6 banknote denominations (20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1000 hryvnias)

The upgraded notes are now legal tender and can be used for transactions. The new notes retain the important images of the 2007 banknote. It features a portrait of Lesia Ukrainka at the front and an image of the LutskCastle’s entrance tower at the back. The size of the note hasn’t changed (75mm by 148mm). The predominant color of the note is pink.  

Security features such as an optically variable element known as SPARK which changes color from purple to golden green as it is titled. Another feature is the windowed security thread. The partially embedded polymer film has a digital image of the denomination and the hryvnia symbol. It displays a kinetic effect where the background image seems to move in the opposite direction. The tactile features for the visually impaired, the UV, and the infrared protection are improved. The digits in the serial number vary in size and are positioned vertically along the right edge of the bill’s back. 

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