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Japan issues new coins to celebrate emperor Naruhito’s enthronement

The redesigned Yen bills(2024) will be soon launched by Japan’s Ministry of Finance. An ascension ceremony was held for Emperor Naruhito on May 1st. On October, Japan will issue two special commemorative coins with the emperor’s enthronement ritual. The face of the first coin depicts the Takamikura (the octagonal canopied chair and dias used by the emperor) which is a two-tone 500-yen coin. The reverse side of the coin has the imperial family’s chrysanthemum crest surrounded by a wreath made of branches of the Japenese cherry birch and Japenese rose. There is an inscription on the coin “Nation of Japan, Reiwa era first year, in commemoration of the Emperor’s Enthronement Ceremony.” On the special 10,000 yen coins, there is a phoenix soaring above wispy clouds on it’s front. The ten thousand yen coins will actually cost 140,555 yen as it is made of pure gold. The availability of the coins is not yet disclosed but the 500 yn coins will be issued in October.

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