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Ireland’s Ulster Bank Introduces new £20 note Designs

Ulster bank unveiled the new look for the £20 note it plans to introduce into the circulation. The theme ‘Living in Nature’ is the inspiration for the design and the vertical note focuses on Northern Ireland as a ‘dwelling place.’ 

The new designs were showcased by the star of the hit comedy ‘Derry Girls’ Jamie-Lee O’Donnell. The note depicts street entertainers and their audience along with reflections on local music, culture, as well as, titles, brickwork, and patterns of NI’s red-brick tenement buildings, ornate decorations of buildings, corporate offices, and homes in NI.

This polymer note has advanced security features such as elements from nature such as the Hawthorne Flower, the transparent outline of Lough Neagh, its famous eels of the Sargasso sea.

The bank also reminded citizens to exchange their paper £5 and £10 notes as part of the bank’s initiative to phase out paper notes by 2019 and replace them with their polymer counterparts.

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