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Guinea to introduce new 10,000 notes.

New notes of 10,000 Guinean Francs will have to be put into circulation in the year 2019. This is at least what the Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea recently announced, in the margin of the presentation of the New Year greetings to financial sector staff.

After listing the efforts made by his institution to secure the Guinean franc and payment transactions, Dr. Louceiny Nabé, said on this occasion that “In 2018, significant financial resources have been spent on ordering new banknotes in the world, whole family of tickets with new security features. I can tell you that the only ticket of the current family that has not yet been resized, that is the 10-mile ticket, will be resized to give the entire family of tickets, the harmony that has always characterized it, “he said.

“I would like to point out, the consolidation of the credit information system that will probably evolve to the level of credit, introduced a condition greater transparency of the economy. We will make sure that the central bank that we decide on monetary and exchange rate policy is more and more supported by our own research, “he promised.

Let’s hope that the forthcoming release of these new 10,000 FG notes is not an opportunity to print again, which could have a negative impact on monetary stability.

Source : kababachir.com

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