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Costa Rica – Central Bank denies that differences in notes of ₡ 1,000 correspond to counterfeits

 Confusion occurs due to the existence of two series of the ticket of that denomination

In the face of a message that is viralizing on social networks and especially in WhatsApp groups , in relation to the circulation of supposedly false $ 1,000 bills and in which two banknotes of that denomination are compared and some different characteristics are highlighted in circles, The Central Bank of Costa Rica (BCCR) reports that such differences correspond to those introduced in series B with respect to series A of that name , as part of the efforts to strengthen the security measures incorporated in the national currency.

The tickets of ₡ 1,000 series B were put into circulation by the Central Bank at the end of December 2016.

One of the differences that is highlighted in the alleged falsification of banknotes is the variation of the signatures of the higher authorities of the Central Bank. This is due to the changes being made periodically among the hierarchies of the Institution, which means that firms can change between one series and the other.

The changes presented by series B with respect to series A are described in the attached image at the end of this press release:

1. The relief in the image of the character (Braulio Carrillo) is perceived in the hair and in the clothing.

2. The brand for blind people located on the upper right side of the front of the ticket is more sensitive to touch.

3. The red color intensifies at the ends of the obverse and the orange hue of the background is suppressed.

4. The date of issuance, the signatures of the President and the Central Bank Manager, are updated with respect to those showing the Series A tickets.

5. The series of the ticket located in the upper right part of the front and the letter that precedes the numbers located in the upper part of the back, change from “A” to “B”.

6. The white border of the transparent window is thinner and a transparency is incorporated around the portrait of the character.

In addition to the above aspects, fluorescence is intensified at the ends, the top and the shield of the obverse on the ₡ 1,000 B series.

The tickets of ₡ 1,000 of the series A may continue to be used as a means of payment in the Costa Rican economy.

The Central Bank denies that, based on the differences indicated in the message circulating on social networks and text messaging, it may be derived that the $ 1,000 B series bills are false.

Since its release into circulation in 2011, the Central Bank of Costa Rica has not received any counterfeit of the ₡ 1,000 ticket.


Source : bccr

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