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Central Bank of Bolivia to put into circulation new Bs 100 from January 15.

The president of the Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB), Pablo Ramos Sánchez, announced the circulation of the new 100 Bolivian bill from January 15th.

The new paper money, like the previous ones of the first family of the plurinational State, pays tribute to other three historical personages; It takes images of patrimonial, natural sites, species of fauna and flora; improves security measures known to the population and incorporates new measures of last generation.

The process of issuing the new notes went through several phases and the need to change families after more than 30 years of the previous one and the demand that arose due to the growth of the economy in recent years.

Ramos stressed that the five courts are maintained (10 Bolivian, 20 Bolivian, 50 Bolivian, 100 Bolivian and 200 Bolivian), in addition to the size, the material (100% cotton) and the predominant colors of the previous family.

“In the case of the 100 bolivianos note, the red color will predominate and the other details will be known on Tuesday, January 15,” he remarked.

According to the Central Bank, the new 100 Bolivian bills will circulate simultaneously with those of the previous family, until the latter leave circulation naturally, that is to say when they reach their useful life.

Source : paginasiete.bo

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