Taiwan could remove President Chiang Kai-shek from banknotes and coins Taiwan
The late president still features on one banknote and on coins If the new transitional justice legislation requires it, symbols of authoritarian rule such as effigies of President Chiang Kai-shek could be removed from the country’s banknotes and coins, new Central Bank Governor Yang Chin-long (楊金龍) said Thursday. The government is preparing to form a more

Guatemala – Goodbye to the polymer Q5 ticket! Guatemala
The five quetzales bill will once again be made of cottonsubstrate , as it was before 2008, when the polymer version began to circulate. The acting president of the Bank of Guatemala (Banguat) confirmed the decision and indicated that the change will be gradual in the next two years. “This year, the Monetary Board authorized purchases of cotton substrate more

National Bank of Ukraine Presented New Circulating Coins Ukraine
The National Bank of Ukraine in line with the policy on optimization of cash circulation in Ukraine has presented new circulating coins of UAH 1, 2, 5 and 10 denomination. These coins will in time replace the respective banknotes in circulation. New circulating coins will be introduced step-by-step: First step – on 27 April 2018 more