Oman’s central bank issues new copies of banknotes
The Central Bank of Oman has issued the new copies of banknotes which will be traded as legal currencies along with the banknotes currently in circulation starting from January 11. The announcement was made by the Central Bank of Oman which stated that the issuance of new denominations of currency, namely twenty riyals, ten riyals, more

Central Bank of Azerbaijan to issue updated banknotes soon
New banknotes of 1, 5, and 50 Azerbaijani manats are expected to be put into circulation during January 2021 . According to the CBA, the latest technologies and innovations have been applied in the design and security systems of the updated banknotes within the existing concept. The CBA noted that the updated banknotes of 1, more

Egypt to issue polymer banknotes in June for 1st time
The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) is planning on implementing a decision to issue polymer EGP 10 banknotes in June. This coincides with the inauguration of the new printing house in the New Administrative Capital in June, Khaled Farouk added to the local private newspaper.  Polymer banknotes are known for being more durable and harder more