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Belarus National bank Issues Commemorative Coins

The National Bank of Belarus has issued commemorative coins, “The Light of Vachyma Dzyatsi 2019,” from November 18, 2019. The coins are:

Silver – face value of 20 rubles, weighing 33.62 g, alloy 925, a diameter of 38.61 mm, 599 pieces for circulation.

Copper-nickel – face value of 1 ruble, weighing 15.50 g, a diameter of 33.00 mm, 2,000 pieces for circulation.

Coins are circular and notched. On the obverse side, a central image of the State emblem of the Republic of Belarus; inscription of two lines: Respublika Belarus; a composition of children’s drawings; the face value of 20 rubles (silver) and 1 ruble (copper-nickel) and year of manufacture.

On the reverse, an engraving of various stages of flax ripening and harvesting; flowers, fruits, and sheaves; inscription in a circle: Light of your Jacques

The design of the coins were taken from the drawings of children aged 13 to16 who were the winners of the competition conducted by the National Bank. The issued coins are legal tender acceptable for all legal transactions.

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