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Bank of Latvia will be launching new 100 & 200 euro banknotes.

On 28th May 2019 , Latvia will be launching new 100 euro & 200 euro (€ 100 and € 200) banknotes. € 100 and € 200 are the latest European series of banknotes with refurbished design and advanced security features.

The Bank of Latvia, together with the European Central Bank (ECB) and other euro area central banks, is helping a number of entrepreneurs be prepared for the easy introduction of new currencies. They invites companies and entrepreneurs for testing possibilities and seminars.

These banknotes of the European series will gradually come into circulation through Bank of Latvia and other commercial banks. People can use the first banknotes as well as the new banknotes at the same time and will retain their value without time constraints. Citizens will be informed about new banknotes through the media and social media.

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