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Bank of Guyana to release upgraded $1000 note

An upgraded $1000 currency note with two significant changes will be issued next month, by Bank of Guyana (BoG). The release of the upgraded banknote will be on the 4th March 2019, which will be circulating along the existing notes of the same denomination. The holographic stripe at the front side was replaced by RAPID® micro-optic security feature. Behind the Victoria Regia Lily (National Flower) printed on the edges of the note, a blue micro-optic feature(6mm wide) shows fluid and highly visible movement.

The second change made is at the back side of the note, where the windowed security thread is replaced with an embedded plastic thread, visible when held against the light. Guyana’s both $1000 and $ 500 bill was upgraded in 2011. Among other features, the changes made on both the notes were holographic stripes and an upgraded watermark.

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