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Bank of Albania to Release new Series of Banknotes in fall 2019.

The Bank of Albania will release a new series of banknotes into circulation this fall, and the notes are 200 and 5000 Leke (Albanian currency).  The new series will include the rest of the banknotes gradually. The new series will replace the old notes that are in circulation for the past 20 years. They will have the same theme but will be redesigned with more security features.

The security features included new elements like the aesthetic theme, maintenance, longevity. The new designs are withheld due to security reasons. The Bank of Albania plans to introduce the new notes to the public on a special occasion.

The Bank of Albania will also introduce 10,000 Leke banknote into the circulation by next year. This note will have the highest currency value in Albania. The theme will be the national anthem and the author poet Asdreni.

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