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Banco Central de Bolivia, announced that new banknotes of 10 bolivianos will be issued in April.

The president of the Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB), Pablo Ramos, announced that from next month a new stage in the monetary history of the country will begin with the circulation of new banknotes that include the faces of indigenous heroes and heroes of independence, in addition of the flora and fauna of the country, for it is making an investment of 40 million dollars for printing. The tender for the new tickets was launched last year and won the French company Oberthur Fiduciare SAS.

They will circulate simultaneously . The head of the BCB said that the circulation of the new family of banknotes will be gradual, starting with those of 10 bolivianos, after three months with those of 20 bolivianos and so on until completing the circulation of all the securities. “These are going to circulate simultaneously with the current ones, that is to say both will serve until the current ones are spent for their use and are left out,” said Ramos, in time to add that the virtue of these tickets is that it is the new family of the Plurinational State, where will be characters like, Cañoto, Moto Méndez and other heroes of the Nation.

Monetary policy report. On the other hand, within the framework of the 90 years of the BCB, Pablo Ramos, made the presentation of the Monetary Policy Report in Santa Cruz, where he assures that the adverse effects of the fall in the prices of raw materials have been curbed. “In the Bolivian case, the expansionary policies served to counteract the adverse effects of the fall in the prices of raw materials.In 2017, it was decided to continue with the fiscal and monetary impulses, which allowed sustaining the growth of the activity and preserving social protection programs, without neglecting the protection of price stability, “he said at a press conference.

Ramos noted that Bolivia stands out for having one of the lowest inflations and growth that is among the highest in the region, despite a weak recovery with the increase in international prices of raw materials, which did not cover the forecasts. He also stressed that there is a slow economic recovery in South America with less inflationary pressures and expansive monetary policies.

On the “bolivianización” of the currency said that the exchange policy remained stable, because it could avoid external inflationary pressures and contribute to its expansionary orientation.

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