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Azerbaijan updates ten-manat bill

Unlike the existing 10 manats, the opposite face of the new note has the coat of arms of Azerbaijan as a watermark. On the left side of the note, there is moving waves, a big denomination number in color with 3D effects and also the maiden tower is reflected by a new hologram were mini letters and figures are visible. Delivering dynamic light effects and color changing properties (green to blue)

The front face of the note depicts, the image of part of the Icheri sheher. To recognize the value of the note, for the visually impaired, tactual printings are included.

On the opposite face, there is a window type new security thread with “10” and “AMB” texts on it. Reflecting the ‘10 AZN’ letters are lustrous ink stripes in violet and gold. The new note to be issued on March 18, will be in parallel circulation with the current note. There will be no limitations for it to be used as legal tender.

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