Hungary – Upgraded 1000-forint banknotes will be used for payment from today Hungary
We may see the upgraded 1000-forint banknote denominations in cash payments from 1 March 2018. In addition to their renewed appearance, the banknotes have been brought up-to-date with regards their security features. The upgraded 1000-forint banknote denominations will enter cash circulation gradually from 1 March 2018, their presence is expected to be widespread a few more

The last day to use your paper £10 notes is 1 March 2018 England
The Bank of England will always exchange its old-series notes. Frequently Asked Questions. Which £10 note is being withdrawn? The Bank of England is withdrawing the paper £10 note, which features a portrait of Charles Darwin on the reverse Is there a new-style £10 note? Yes, there is a new polymer £10 note. It features Jane Austen more