Cambodia’s Central bank wants an end to $1, $2 and $5 notes Cambodia
The National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) yesterday asked commercial banks and microfinance institutions to send it the smallest US dollar banknotes because it considers them difficult to manage and “there is little demand for them”. NBC said it will give a three-month deadline (June 1 to Aug 31) for all commercial banks and microfinance institutions more

Banknote Material Growers Spurred by New 10,000-Yen Bill Issuance Japan
The planned introduction of Japan’s new 10,000-yen bills in fiscal 2024 has been inspiring domestic growers of a plant used to make paper for the banknote. Regions growing mitsumata, or oriental paperbush, are aiming to boost production while the National Printing Bureau relies on cheap imports for over 90 pct of the material supply. Mitsumata more