Argentina 5 pesos – Until March 31 Argentina
Remember that if you have any Billete5Pesos you have time until March 31 to deposit it in your account or trade it for other notes and coins in any bank.All banking entities are required to receive it whether or not you are a customer.There are already more than 138 million Currency 138 Pesos in circulation more

Bulgaria’s New 20 Levs on March 20, 2020 Bulgaria
The Bulgarian National Bank will put new 20 Levs into circulation on March 20, 2020. The security features of the new note are:Security Features Identifiable with Senses FEELOn touch, we can feel: the high-quality blue-tinted banknote paper the raised print: the portrait of Stefan Stambolov, the inscriptions ‘Bulgarian National Bank’, ’20 Levs’ ‘the year of more

Scotland to Release Three new Polymer £20 Banknotes Scotland
Within the next two weeks, Scotland will release three new polymer £20 banknotes into circulation. The Bank of Scotland and Clydesdale’s banknotes were released on 27th February 2020 and the Royal Bank of Scotland note is expected to release the note on 5th March 2020. The Scottish £20 banknotes printed on polymer substrate is a more

National Bank of Ukraine Introduces new UAH 200 bill Ukraine
The National Bank of Ukraine has introduced the 200-hryvnia bill that was redesigned into circulation. The new bills are expected to replace the old ones gradually.  The upgrade is part of the optimization of the hryvnia banknotes and coins that began in 2014 and will be completed by mid-2020 when the 10-hryvnia coin is released more